Flooring and Shower Remodeling in Cumming Hardwood and Tile Contractor

Do I replace my existing wood floor or just refinish them?

Sometimes it make sense to remove existing floors. Especially if the area that it covers is small or it’s out of style. This way you don’t need to hold your flooring selection to revolve around that small area, you can choose any style or color.

If the type of existing floor is engineered type of wood and it’s worn, they usually can’t be saved. Most engineered hardwood floors are not made for sanding and refinishing. You only have a thin film of actual wood over plywood backing. That film will be removed if touch with a sanding machine.

Options are different with solid wood floors. This type of hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished. This process will have few stages of sanding, staining, and adding new finish coatings. You can choose new stain and different sheen and type of finish. Don’t think about replacing you flooring as first option If you have a solid hardwood flooring and it’s worn. Refinishing process will literally will make it look as brand new flooring.