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How to maintain hardwood floors

First things first, starting from outside! One of the basic and most effective things you can do to prolong the new look
Hardwood floors are often very sturdy and strong. If your floors were installed or sanded by us at Hardwood Floor Services, they will already have best type and adequate amount of finish coatings with long life which will resist scratching!
Hardwood floors are elegant, strong, and they really need minimum amount of care. There are things which will make them last for a very long time if you observe them regarding your wood floors.

First things first, starting from outside! One of the basic and most effective things you can do to prolong the new look of your hardwood floors is to use a door mat in front of entry doors to the house, being front door, or garage or any other door you use to enter house. Wipe shoes over the stiff bristles of the mat. This will remove most dirt and most importantly remove fine sands that are stuck under shoes. Better to use another mat for inside right after when you enter. You can get one which coarse and rough pile like the picture which are common for outside, and use something softer for inside. They also sell some interior pads made for pets to take dust and dirt away from their paws!

Fine dust and sand under shoes are the main cause of scratches and scuffs on the surface and finishes of flooring products. Ok, now that we left the fine sands and dirt outside, let’s see what we should do to take care of our floors to maintain their beauty and freshness for longer terms.

1: Don’t Soak Mop Your Hardwood Floor!

This is another important and basic precaution when trying to clean your floors. Remember wood and water do not mix! Do not wet mop your hardwood floors. Every now and then there would be need to clean the whole floor and mop it. To do this, spray cleaners of the floor and using a dry pad mop it dry. They point is to introduce as least as possible moisture to the surface. Also don’t mop a lot. Each time you do this you’re taking microscopic layers off the finish. Too much mopping will result in early wear in forms of fine cracks and fading on the surface of finish of the floor.

2: Vacuum Floors Frequently

The benefit of hardwood floor and most other hard surfaces in comparison to carpet floors are that the dust, hair, lint, etc stay on the surface. This makes them easy to clean with vacuum. So rather than mopping the floor to remove hair, dust, lint, and similar, use vacuum to remove them.

3: Use Appropriate Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Avoid using harsh chemicals, acids, home made remedies to clean wooden floors. You can find specialized hardwood floor cleaners in most stores. These products are formulated to clean your floor without causing damage to the finish.

4: Blot the Spills quickly

As mentioned earlier, water and wood do not add, so if spills happen try to blot and dry them as early as possible, not letting the floor absorb the moisture.

5: Spot clean

If there are stain, dirt or smudges on the floor try to spray cleaner and clean the spot rather than mopping the whole floor.

6: Avoid High Heels over wood floor

Even the hardest spieces of hardwood flooring would be dented under the tip of a pointy heel of a shoe. This type of depression and damage to the surface of hardwood floor may only be corrected by resanding the floor.