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What type of floor should I choose for basement?

This is a common question our customers ask all the time, “

What type of flooring do you recommend to install in our basement floor?

” In order to find an appropriate flooring product for basements we must remember that almost oil basement are have slab subfloor. In many cases the are considered under level - meaning below ground level- or on level. This is important when you want to decide on what to install as a basement flooring. King of floors for basement is considered to be tile as it’s waterproof floor and it won’t be destroyed by possible water exposure or flooding. It’s still true. If you want a permanent floor that won’t be destroyed by flooding you might want to look at tile floors especially porcelain tiles.

But there are other types of floors that will be perfectly fine for this type of location use. In general except to solid wood flooring, there is no limitation to other types of floor products that you can use in basement floor. Laminate and carpet floors are popular floors. Luxury vinyl planks getting more attention these days. They look good, they are more affordable and more importantly there are also considered waterproof. They are usually harder than engineered wood floors and water spills or mopping won’t affect them.
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