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Glossy hardwood floor or not glossy?

Choosing the gloss level or sheen of your hardwood floors is mainly depends on your personal taste. There are usually 4 levels of sheen when we talk about hardwood floors. Hi Gloss or gloss will produce the most shine and light reflection. In comparison semi-gloss will have moderate shine and reflection of light. Satin finishes will give very low amount of shine and light reflection. The other end of gloss level would be matte finish. It would have the lowest amount of shine on hardwood floors. It would almost look like there are no finishes on the stain. A general rule is the less the shine the less you will notice light scuffs, scratches, and imperfections on hardwood floors. If you have light amount of traffic, and no pets you can choose glossy floors if you like them.

Herringbone hardwood floor installation in living room